Safety First Approach

The most valuable resource at U.S. SiteWork is its employees. Our primary goal everyday on every job or project is to work hard at protecting and taking care of that resource, our people. To ensure that safety is our primary focus we reinforce continuously to all our employees to work as a team and watch each other’s back for any risk or hazard that may exist, and our employees can stop the project for any perceived or existing risk or safety hazard.

We empower all our employees with that ability, and fully expect them to act swiftly at implementing a safety stand down if they see any potential harm present to them or any of our team working on a project.

At U.S. SiteWork we partner with our clients taking protection of their people and assets being more important than getting the job done itself. Without our partnerships with our valuable customers and clients we would have no need to remain in business. While we need to make money on our projects to stay in business the primary mission of this company is performing work safely. We believe that a well-planned and safely thought out work activity will bring better quality and more production to our job performance. When we work hard at preplanning projects for safety first and the other important aspects of our construction will follow closely behind like environmental stewardship, quality and finally productive work.

Our clients don’t have to take the low bidder on their projects, and we understand that the safe work we deliver to them is ultimately the most important part of our relationship with them.

Bart Anderson
Safety Director, Project Manager and CEO
U.S. SiteWork