U.S. SiteWork, Inc. has extensive experience in the earthwork industry. Our success is built upon the high-caliber credentials of the owners, and an accomplished team of experienced professionals that allows our labor to operate safely and at maximum efficiency to service our customer’s needs.


U.S. SiteWork, Inc. Earthwork Mass Grading Backfill Topsoil

U.S. SiteWork, Inc. fully utilizes industry leading technologies to communicate project goals and deliver safe, fast, and efficient service. U.S. SiteWork has the capabilities to handle small and complex earthwork projects. Our knowledgeable crews provide turnkey site work services; from stripping topsoil to finish grading the site. With a SAFETY-FIRST priority, our professional team will consistently complete projects on time and within budget.





Prioritizing collaboration and safety, decades of experience enables U.S. SiteWork, Inc. to demolish any infrastructure. Our team can help you organize, budget, and safely accomplish any demolition need.


US Sitework Utilities

For most civil construction projects; watermain, storm sewer, and sanitary sewer installation is a basic need.  U.S. SiteWork, Inc. is a full service civil contractor with a value-engineering approach enabling clients to realize project goals and provide end users with a quality finished product.

Heavy Civil Contractor offering services:

  • Mass Grading/Excavation
  • Soil Correction
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Subgrade Preparation
  • GPS Controlled Finish Grading
  • Landfille Construction/Closure
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Industrial COntainment/Basin Liners
  • Insutrial Treatment Ponds
  • Tank Basins
  • Hazardous Soil Removal
  • Field Turf Installation
  • Roads and Parking Lots
  • Retaining Walls
  • Tank Farms and Lined SPCC Upgrades
  • Parking Lot Reconstruction
  • Building Excavation
  • Ethanol/Power Plant Sitework
  • Pipeline Pump Stations
  • Rail Load-out Facilities
  • Sludge Removal/Dredging and Load-out Containment
  • Engineered Slop Construction and Stabilization
  • Drilled Piers
  • Drop Shafts
  • Helical Piers, Piers/Anchors
  • Earth Retention
  • Micropiles
  • Total Demolition
  • LEED Compliance Reporting and Management
  • Site Removals
  • Structural Removal
  • Asset Recovery
  • Interior Gut
  • Asbestos Abatement and Management
  • Recycling and Salvage
  • Environmental Disposal
Utility Construction
  • Water Main
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Storm Sewer
  • Junction Box
  • Manhole Installation
Construction Management
  • Budgeting/Estimating
  • Valve Engineering
  • Constructability Analysis
  • Detailed Planing
  • Plan Reviews
Environmental Emphasis

U.S. SiteWork's Staff is qualified to properly identify potential environmental concerns in the field and is capable of safely handling issues that arise on jobsites. 

Our staff can mitigate an environmental liability and make your site compliant with Local, State, and Federal standards.

Site Development
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural